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‘Your health’ section brings together different kidney health resources for you to find out more about staying healthy with chronic kidney disease and what you can do for yourself.  Everyone is different and people want to know about different aspects of chronic kidney disease, the kidney information network (KIN) is here to help provide access to the information you want when you want it.

If you can’t find the information you need, join our anonymous on-line community to ask a question or find an answer. Or search people’s experiences of chronic kidney disease, their opinions and tips for a healthy life, better still share your experience with others.

Kidney health

Choose a topic to search for specific information you need from a directory of links, videos and on-line resources, or tell us about a useful link not listed so we can tell others.

  • About CKD

    What is a chronic kidney disease (CKD), causes, progression and living with CKD Read more..

  • Your treatment options

    Advantages and disadvantages of each treatment and practicalities Read more..

  • Your medication

    Medication cannot reverse your condition. It helps control certain functions. Read more..

  • Your diet and nutrition

    Nutrition helps maintain good nutritional status, slow progression, and to treat complications. Read more..
  • Balancing fluid intake

    If you have kidney disease, you may be asked to monitor your daily fluid Read more..

  • Your fitness

    Do you exercise? Your exercise is important and a plan is required. If you need to know more about the the benefits of exercising find information and ideas is this section . Read more..



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