Good News Story

Complementary Therapy and its ‘Good News Story’

Good News Story What is the good news story? We attended Xaverian Sixth form College in Manchester to deliver a talk/presentation on Complementary Therapies as they were covering this as a module as part of their course.   When did it happen? Friday 9th March 2018   Why is it a good news story? Why[…]

Shared Care

Dr Janet Hegarty on Shared Care and its Impact

Recently we held a morning workshop to discuss something called ‘shared care’ in haemodialysis. Shared haemodialysis care has been called a ‘half-way house’ between hospital dialysis and home haemodialysis, offering you as a haemodialysis patient the opportunity to manage some of your treatment for yourself, with the support of clinical staff where you need it.[…]