Alayne Gagen

Alayne Gagen on her role as a Renal Vascular Access Nurse Specialist

Alayne Gagen explains her role as a Renal Vascular Access Nurse Specialist and describes the steps involved in the creation of an AV Fistula. My name is Alayne Gagen, I’m the Renal Vascular Access Nurse specialist for CMFT, or VANS for short, many of you will know me from both the transplant unit where I[…]

Merry Christmas from HKPA, MRIKPA and everyone at GMKIN

The Christmas Season is upon us and it’s both a time of celebration and reflection.  GMKIN has much to celebrate this year after winning a number of awards which all of you have made possible so when you’re reflecting, give yourselves a huge pat on the back and perhaps, for those of you on dialysis,[…]

Using CKD lab results

Researchers at Manchester University are running a study to improve how CKD patients view and use their lab results online.  Initially the study is looking for patients from Salford Royal or Manchester Royal who have been transplanted for at least one year.  Checkout the poster below for details.  There are links below the poster for[…]