Stephen Caddick

Stephen Caddick talks about his role as a MFT Governor

Let me introduce myself. My name is Stephen Caddick and I’ve been a committee member of the MRIKPA (previously NWRKPA) for 10 years plus. Recently I’ve become more involved with renal services as TREnDs is rolled out, which is something I’m very passionate about. For this reason I decided to put myself forward to become[…]

Pre dialysis

Mike Kewley on his experience of living with kidney disease

Mike Kewley, committee member of MRI KPA, shares his experience of living with kidney disease. Mike Kewley – kidney transplant patient I started my personal kidney journey in 1998 when I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure by Renal Consultant Dr Ackrill at Withington hospital. I was familiar with the disease as my mother[…]