An update on my adventures :-)

Hi! Well, I’ve been back in the UK from my new smallholding in Spain for a couple of weeks and getting ready to go back in a few weeks again! ūüôā Have updated my website with some pics of my progress over there…. check it out…. In the meantime, I have signed up to[…]

Raise Funds for HKPA by Steven Chadderton

Steven Chadderton I am Steven Chadderton ‚Äď Father of my Eldest Daughter,¬†Helen Louise Chadderton¬†who has entered the¬†Great Manchester Cycle Race of 52 Miles¬†(Sunday, 29th¬†June 2014) and also the¬†Manchester to Blackpool Cycle Race¬†(Sunday, 13th¬†July 2014) along with her Partner ‚ÄstShaun Parkinson, to raise Funds for the¬†Hope Kidney Patients Association ‚Äď Salford. I have been a Renal[…]

Healthcare and Technology: A Brave New World?

When technology giants Apple and Google begin acquiring companies that have developed healthcare applications or equipment you know that mobile healthcare is a growing business. It is predicted that the next version of Apple’s IOS mobile operating system will come with built-in apps focused on measuring and improving our health while Google has already demonstrated[…]