Salford Royal announces dialysis home therapies roadshow

Salford Royal’s renal team has announced a two day roadshow on August 23rd and 24th focussing on home dialysis treatments, home haemodialysis and peritioneal dialysis, which will feature two patients dialysing on the NxStage machine.  It’s worth attending even if you’ve thought that home dialysis was not for you.  Come and talk to patients who have regained control of the lives again through home therapies including John Roberts who takes his NxStage machine to Spain on holiday.

Home Therapies Roadshow at Salford Royal

Home Therapies Roadshow at Salford Royal


I’m an ADPKD patient who was lucky enough to have a transplant in 2003 after only eleven months of dialysis. I'm the north-west Patient Advocacy & Support Officer for Kidney Care UK and my interests, other than my role within GMKIN, include sport, music and politics. Follow me on Twitter: @finnigr

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