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IgA Nephropathy; Former NFL Player tells his story of how IgA/CKD affected his life in the sport.

Home Dialysis Therapies, Respite, Recipes and Puzzles


06-2016 Winter CoverWith seasons greetings to you all we hope you enjoy the wide range of interesting subject matter we have in store for you. If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget that all important flu jab. Just click on the following links download or flick through your Winter 2016 Issue.

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Wishing you all, the very best for the season and New Year.

The HOPE Kidney Patients Association.


01-17 HKPA Spring 2017 CoverWelcome to 2017 and the Spring issue of the HOPE Kidney Patients Association Newsletter

We say goodbye to Howard Thomas

Get help with your diabetes by meeting DESMOND

World Kidney Day looks at Kidney Disease & Obesity

Team Salford Want You for the British Transplant Games 2017

My 100 Year Old Kidney is Still Going Strong

Are you Interested in Complementary Therapy?

Plus our regulars

So you can download your Spring issue here-> 01-17 HKPA Spring 2017

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Welcome to our Summer 2017 Newsletter

We take a look at the importance of AKI [Acute Kidney Injury], especially during the summer months when it’s a lot easier to become dehydrated. With lots of helpful tips for those of us on a fluid restriction. There’s also a handy cut-out hydration chart on page 14.

Salford Royal Hospital is running a wide range of trials for you to get involved with on pages 8 and 9

The main event on our centre pages looks at an exciting new project being undertaken by Surgeons at Cambridge University Hospitals as they work towards a 22 centre UK trial, which hopefully will increase the number of transplants by at least 150 per year.

Oh! Don’t forget the fun day with an important message we had on World Kidney Day on Page 5.

Well there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on locally and nationally and our regular items to keep you busy whether sunbathing or dialysing. Download your Summer issue here-> 02-17 HKPA Summer 2017

or simply flick through here-> HOPE KPA Summer 2017 Newsletter

That’s all till Autumn folks. Have a great summer


Hello Fellow Renal Patient and welcome to your Autumn 2017 issue of the HOPE KPA Newsletter.

I know that you as our one reader, will be very excited to open the pages of this latest edition.

Up here in the editors suite, changes have been made to open the world of kidneys to everyone, or in this case you, our loyal reader.

As you seem to have met all the staff on the Renal Team, Doctors Orders has stepped aside to make way for our New Regular Feature on page 5,


A page to enhance your knowledge and vocabulary of the renal world. As well as bringing you easy to follow information, we also like to have questions posed to us by emailing


and typing ‘TALK KIDNEYS’ in the subject line followed by your questions in the email itself. We will publish the frequently asked questions, but please let us know if you do not wish your name to appear in print.

Mr Gavin Pettigrew and his team are continuing to gather pace as the PITHIA trial heads ever closer to its  official launch on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 at the Royal College of Surgeons. In this issue we give a brief outline on how the transplant histo-pathology service will run in parallel with minimum disruption to existing operations. Full coverage of the launch will appear in our Winter 2017 issue.

As a tribute to the pioneering work of the recently departed Dr. Henry Tenckhoff, we delve into the workings of peritoneal dialysis and a brief history of how Dr. Tenckhoff made PD the successful modality choice it is today.

Meanwhile, not wanting to sit on their laurels, the Research Team at SRFT bring us up to date on current trials in an article by Dr. Rajkumar Chinnaduai.

Our resident complementary therapist headed south for the International Federation of Aromatherapists [IFA] “PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE” Conference 2017.

To top it all, we have not one, but two renal recipes for your tastebuds and a Fun Page with a centennial twist on the picture quiz. That’s all I’m going to tell you.

Download your newsletter here-> 03-17 HKPA Autumn 2017

or simply flick through by clicking here-> HOPE KPA Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Well dear reader,it just remains for bid you farewell until we meet again in our Winter issue.

Have a wonderful Halloween and a safe Bonfire night.


Welcome to your Winter 2017 HOPE KPA Newsletter.

This issue is crammed with exciting and interesting information.

We have a 4 page report on the launch of the PITHIA Trial from the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Directing ourselves to more local matters, we join Naqeeb Qureshi as he celebrates his mum’s life saving Live Donor Transplant 4 years on.

From the Vascular Research team of Professor Phil Kalra there are 3 new studies for suitable patients to take part in.

Page 13 has IMPORTANT INFORMATION for All Kidney Patients under the care of Salford Royal as we introduce you to Kidney Care Centres.

The staff and patients at Wigan Renal Unit bring us up to date with their fund raising activities over the past year for their annual Christmas Party.

A readers letter kicks off what could be a regular feature. Plus the regular Kidneypedia ‘Signs and Symptoms of CKD’, the Fun Page of Jokes and Puzzles and not forgetting information about the HOPE KPA Holiday Caravan.

For those of you looking for a recipe we have to apologise for the absence of some thing to feast upon, but normal service will be resumed in our Spring 2018 issue.

Download your newsletter here-> 04-17 HKPA Winter 2017

or simply flick through by clicking here-> HOPE KPA Winter 2017 Newsletter

It just remains for us to wish everyone the very best for Christmas and New Year.

The HOPE Kidney Patients Association Committee



We hope you enjoy the content of your newsletters and would be grateful for any feedback or news items you could give us by emailing us at: news.hope-kpa@gmkin.org.uk



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