• Dying without dying
    When you live with serious, chronic health conditions, the reality is that sometimes it feels like you are walking a tightrope between life and death. Most of us try not to think about it too […]

    • Such an emotional and thought provoking read, im happy to see you have started to feel a little better. Even us that don’t suffer with mental health issues such as depression, still have times where we feel so low we just dont want to se or do anything. Ive been there myself.
      I do hope you manage to keep on top of it the best you can and remember to get you Vit D checked, maybe put a note on the fridge or something similar, somewhere you will see it everyday and it gets ingrained into your head, just a thought.
      Please, if there is anything i myself can do then dont hesitate to get in touch 💕

  • When i decided that i was going to write this blog it was originally going to be about my journey through kidney disease as i was still in the early stages. I also was looking forward to getting ready to try for a […]