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  • The twenty first of March, nineteen sixty eight

    How can I ever forget that date?

    When I first entered the AKU,

    I expect you remember your first time too


    Nurses in trousers, based at a […]

  • I attend the regular and very valuable pre dialysis evenings as an expert patient on a fairly regular basis however; I have never fully understood the role of the pre dialysis team at MRI. Therefore I thought I […]

    • Someone should do this at Salford too so that Greater Manchester areas are covered. This is invaluable reading for any newly diagnosis patient to give them a better understanding of what will happen.
      It could be well worth doing this at different types of clinic too, Transplant, Transplant workup and young patients that are entering adulthood. I know this last one is something Sarah Green feels strongly about.

      • Hi Brian, do you mean the evening sessions or the pre-dialysis clinics? Dr Rosie Donne runs pre-dialysis clinics every Wednesday but I agree, evening sessions with expert patients would be invaluable. I ran one at the last PKD Information Day and it was very successful.

    • Meeting the team at Salford to put a blog similar to this on so that patients can read what happens at Salford, which could be different to the MRI or at least it will let them know who they will be seeing. It’s something I myself may be able to do on behalf of HOPE KPA and GMKIN, unfortunately I won’t be able to do this until next year at least.
      Hope you’re well Rob and it would be nice to see you.

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