• Luke Hooper posted an update 5 years, 1 month ago

    Afternoon people,

    I’ve not posted a blog for a while due to being overly busy and the website going under construction. The new website is looking fab (well done Cristina!!). It was my kidneys first birthday on 13/02/14 so we celebrated with a few cheeky bottles of Evian – Nothing too over the top. I’m sure there will be many more to come!

    I’ve bin thinking we should throw a GMKIN get together some time. Anyone else up for that? We could all meet up and go something to eat (any excuse for a pint) maybe in Manchester City Centre if suits people. It’s always nice to meet up with people who have been through similar life experiences. I don’t exactly bump into someone with Kidney disease every hour of the day so just some food for thought if anyone is up for it.

    Out of interest, is anyone taking part in the transplant games? Surprisingly, they don’t do warm weather bob-sleighing which takes out my area of expertise…

    Speak to you all soon!


    • Hi Luke I am trying to organise a night at the Trafford centre bowling and food sometime in April I need to know how many young adults will be interested in attending. Also it’s great that you are taking part in the transplant games try and get others interested all forms can be contained from tsuk website. You need to become a member so get on joining jules