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    You express feelings so much better than me Helen. this is why I wrote the post to get others to look at their lives beyond their renal disease. It does help at times to see the good and blessed parts of one’s life.

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    That’s what I wanted Rob. For people to look inside themselves and see what inspires them, to forget for a time their renal problems and celebrate what they have or see or remember or feel. Life can be hard, […]

  • Happiness, where does it live?

    Am I happy? My first response is ‘No’ but when I seriously think about it there are many things in my life that give me a sense of what happiness is.

    Happiness is doing […]

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    Thanks for that Rob. I used to use the cream but found I didn’t like the numbness it caused to my fistula. This fistula is nothing like my old one, it so much stronger and extremely sensitive. What frustrates me […]

  • I experienced a problem that I have had in the past. I was wondering what or how others deal with it. This is what happened. I have a Fistula in my right forearm, it’s quite strong and tends to be quite tender. […]

  • I sent your post to my sisterAlisin because I wouldn’t have been able to describe your sentiments. Your post was so descriptive I could picture the scene. I can’t understand the feeling of being given an organ […]

  • The very best of luck for tomorrow Joe, it’s going to be one hell of day for you and your brother, bet the countdown has been excruciating. I will be thinking of you all day. Just think your new life starts Saturday wow!

  • Brilliant post, hoping all goes well for you. I will have everything crossed for you.

  • Hi Everyone,
    It’s been a while since I last posted what has been going on with me. I have moved out from my sister’s place and moved into a bedsit(with my cat Kyi pronounced Chee it’s Burmese name) for those of […]

  • Hi Rob just got round to reading your blog. I haven’t heard of any of the songs but the sentiments behind them run so true. It’s funny but when major catastrophes happen so many people turn to song and/ or […]

  • Sounds a cracking adventure you’ve got to look forward to. How exciting. The countryside must be fantastic. I will look at your website and look forward to your updates of how you are getting along. Best of luck.

  • Hi AnnMcs
    So glad you had the courage to tell us your story, or the beginning of it. You are right, when people ask how you are, it’s very difficult to be honest and tell them exactly how grotty you are feeling. […]

  • Audrey, I have read and read your prose on being a carer and have wanted to comment but it catches me each time and I get choked, because this can be attributed to my caring for my Mum. Thankyou for putting into […]

  • Hi Rob, thanks for thinking of me. I knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the isolation it would cause within me. How I view reality is totally different to how others see […]

  • If I could go back
    And change my life
    I would do it in an instant
    Everything could be so much different
    And my future might hold so much more

    But if I could go back
    What of the present I have now?
    It […]

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    Hi Stuart,
    What a journey! I don’t know about being ‘a fine figure of a man’ cause I have never met you but I know something about you and that is that you are STRONG. You have hurtled down that slope and […]

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    Thank you Rob, I have been on tenter hooks since I submitted this. Worrying if I revealing my ‘secret’ was the right thing to do, but you have calmed my beating heart!

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    I have been a member now for a month and have mainly just been reading and finding out about all of you. Hearing about the struggles/problems and complications kidney disease has brought to your lives and your […]

  • Ok will do thanks

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