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    Hi everyone, i thought it was about time i introduced myself properly.
    For those that don’t know my name is Brian Egerton. I was diagnosed with Reflux Nephropathy at the tender age of 2.5 months old. Back in 1972 thered was not much that could be done, but after finding the right regime, 5ml of medicine a day kept me off Dialysis till i was 14 years old. Forward to 1986 and i was admitted to Booth Hall Children’s Hospital in Manchester as i was being sick a lot. Whilst i was in i wasn’t sick once. The Consultant a Proffesor Robert Poselthwaite came to the conclussion i just wanted time off school. Having known me all my life he knew i loved school so i was rather upset at this. 12 months past and the same thing happened. This time after a week at Booth Hall, i was transferred to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital or Pendlebury as it was known. They carried out a number of Kidney Function Tests and within a few days i was in theatre having a Tenchkof inserted. So my life on Dialysis began. It was February 1987. After training i was allowed home and a few weeks later went back to school. It did have it’s plus points at school, if i didn’t want to do things i didn’t have too lol. Then came the infections. One after the other. No matter how meticulous we were with hygeine they just kept coming. Numerous ambulance rides with blue lights from our home in Openshaw, Manchester to Pendlebury, the other side of Salford. Always going along Swan Street in Manchester, at this time it didn’t have potholes it had craters. For anyone that has had Peritonitis, they know how painful it can be. Then came the tunnel infection along my catheter and the 5 a side football with school. Low and behold, my line fell out of my shorts and got stood on. Two litres of PD fluid spilling out of a hole in my stomach all over the sports centre floor. My teacher was in hysterics and i was in fits of laughter. No pain because of the infection. The ambulance came and the driver was a friend of the family so all my friends were in shock when i knew him by name. Stayed off Dialysis for two months and managed two holidays in this time. They were already planned, but for me being on PD.One with the Dialysis unit at Booth Hall on the yearly Barge trip and one with school to Lourdes.
    Forward to January 1988 and back in Pendlebury being trained for the new Fresenius disconect system. I finished my training on the 20/01/1988 can’t remember the day and was being discharged the following day. I never got to use this system as whilst in Hospital i received the call for my 1st Transplant. So Transferred to MRI for surgery. That is where i will stop for today friends