• Hi Helen. Congratulations on your video clip! Thanks for sharing your great poem. It is about who walks in your life and who share your feelings, needs, empathy, support and care. GMKIN continues to be an important support mechanism for those living with this illness and all those who contribute, play a valuable part in this role………as your…[Read more]

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    I cannot imagine where Rob would be today had it NOT been for the specialist support given by the Renal Psychologist when he was going through years of fear, uncertainty and lack of self-worth. He had spiralled into a black hole when he was referred for their help. Understanding the psychology of renal failure is a specialism and psychologists who…[Read more]

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    OK Lindsey, inside me there is a really wicked and sometimes banal sense of humour… how about these?

    In random order… poetic flair !

    Happiness is a day when I know Rob feels well.

    Happiness […]

  • Agree with the others Maggie….you are brave to pen this from your heart. I hope things are still ‘afloat’? Sometimes people are judgemental because they don’t know how to react. Sometimes they only see the more […]

  • This sounds like a good study to take part in at the university. Anything that enables patients to have their say in how results are fed back to them must be a great step forward. Lab results are hard to […]

  • Weary, fading, hopeless, grey

    Eleven years ago,

    Between life and the pumping of the machine,

    The endless drudge to live..

    But then, that phone call

    Those feelings transformed in a flash to […]

  • Thank you. When I was asked to write something about being a long term carer, this is what came out from my heart. I tried to put it into a nutshell….but I have to say, there is much more there than I can fit […]

  • It took many years for my husband to admit to himself he was so ill, then talk openly about it and finally accept the help and support this required. As his wife and carer I walked on eggshells. However, light […]

  • Thank you so much, but caring isn’t for me about receiving credit…’s is an overwhelming combination of feelings I feel…guilt (I was still healthy), sadness (seeing someone’s fears and hopes spiralling away […]

  • I’m There
    Do you see me as your carer? Maybe, maybe not…
    When you need me, I’m there.
    Do you hear me as your carer? Maybe, maybe not…
    When you need me, I’m there.
    Do you feel that I’m your carer? Maybe, […]

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