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  • 12 Months…

    Today sees the 12 month anniversary of my dates with Dai #dialysis shocking where the times goes but also the longest 12 months ever! If I’m really honest..the hardest 12 months that only 2 people […]

  • Hiya Rob and thanks for all this. Certainly hope so..a replacement kidney, possibly pancreas and a new start to life again! 🙂

  • Hi 🙂 everything you say about dialysis is me..the fainting (only recently) but all the other stuff too. Dare I say it last week has been an Ok week, bar the banging headaches! Yes, Lee is my husband..amazing, […]

  • Hi 🙂 your treadmill test sounds a lot like mine will be lol goodness help me lol Thank you x

  • Thank you 🙂 x

  • Aww gawd I was nearly crying when I read that then! Weird feeling of that special gift isn’t it! Thank you, no transplant date just more tests, but everything crossed it will be this year! The weight thing is a […]

  • Hello hello, haven’t been here for a while..

    Whats happening?..well dialysis is still a struggle (nothing new there!) no two days are ever the same. If an ‘ok day’ could be had two days on the trot, I’d be […]

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    Thank you and I intend to lol you know me..babble babble lol

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    Thank you 🙂

  • Hello All

    Seems a while since I last posted here. What’s new?..aaaargh I’ve recently hit the big 40! Tis but a number, some days I feel 90 but my head tells me I’m still 18! Fine chance 🙂

    I’ll whisper […]

  • Hiya, me again, blabbering on…

    I had my first real wobble about going to dialysis last week! Blubbed in the car on the long 5 minute journey. The same outside the unit door not wanting to go in! My hubby went […]

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    Hi 🙂 On D Day I don’t take my lunchtime insulin (I start about 11:45) and also don’t take some of my tablets in the morning. I take them when I get home. HDF has helped. Not going too good yet though! Thanks for […]

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    Hello, thanks for this reply 🙂 I am assured it does, just not feelining like it is right now. Another day tomorrow..

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    Hello All 🙂

    The next chapter..dialysis

    We went along to my routine kidney checkup appointment back in March this year. Always knew the day would come, but somehow didn’t expect to be told by my Consultant […]

  • Hello all, complete newbie to gmkin and this blogging malarkey, be kind…

    Not really sure how to start this, so here goes…

    When you’re asked ‘how are you?’ or ‘all ok with you?’.. It’s easier to answer […]

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