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  • I attend the regular and very valuable pre dialysis evenings as an expert patient on a fairly regular basis however; I have never fully understood the role of the pre dialysis team at MRI. Therefore I thought I […]

    • Someone should do this at Salford too so that Greater Manchester areas are covered. This is invaluable reading for any newly diagnosis patient to give them a better understanding of what will happen.
      It could be well worth doing this at different types of clinic too, Transplant, Transplant workup and young patients that are entering adulthood. I know this last one is something Sarah Green feels strongly about.

      • Hi Brian, do you mean the evening sessions or the pre-dialysis clinics? Dr Rosie Donne runs pre-dialysis clinics every Wednesday but I agree, evening sessions with expert patients would be invaluable. I ran one at the last PKD Information Day and it was very successful.

    • Meeting the team at Salford to put a blog similar to this on so that patients can read what happens at Salford, which could be different to the MRI or at least it will let them know who they will be seeing. It’s something I myself may be able to do on behalf of HOPE KPA and GMKIN, unfortunately I won’t be able to do this until next year at least.
      Hope you’re well Rob and it would be nice to see you.

  • Article For GMKIN
    In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

    Waoo, it has been Four Years Now (13 September 2013-2017) since my mum has her transplant done at Manchester Royal Infirmary […]

    • So glad things are going well Naqeeb. Thank you for sharing your story and I will share it in the hope some people may read it and sign the Organ Donor Register or donate to a family member or friend.
      I myself am waiting for a date for my Live Donor Transplant from my Brother, hopefully in November, it will be my 4th Transplant.

  • DNA Editing: Future therapy for genetic conditions?
    It can’t have escaped your notice that in the past few days the latest development in DNA editing has featured heavily in the media as news emerged of […]

  • Paul Reynolds at this year’s World Transplant Games
    Paul, one of our Salford Royal Kidney Ambassadors, reflects on his time at the World Transplant Games in Malaga.


    We’re just back from an incredible two […]

    • Great blog Paul, nearly had me in tears reading about such a thoughtful act giving your Sister your medal. Well done mate and keep it up. Good luck in Scotland.

  • Complementary Therapy Blog: March 2017
    We have been on a huge adventure recently. Our recruitment drive took us to do a presentation at Wigan and Leigh College at the Image Centre in Leigh where we had been […]

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  • Volunteering Opportunities
    Engaging with health conditions and volunteering is a great way to develop skills, learn, and to give something back. As a department, we want to offer as many volunteering […]

  • Entertainment Coordinator Volunteer Role

    Two months on from World Kidney Day and I am delighted to say we are moving forward with our projects to improve the experience of people with kidney disease cared […]

  • Transplant Games – Q&A with Jenny
    Jenny, wife of Paul, one of our Salford Royal Kidney Ambassadors, talks about her experience of supporting Paul in the Transplant Games. Read her perspective on the T […]

  • Transplant Games – Q&A with Paul

    Paul, one of our Salford Royal Kidney Ambassadors, talks about his experience of participating in the British and World Transplant Games. Read about his achievements, how t […]

  • Kidney Peer Support – Patient Story
    Joan, a peritoneal dialysis patient at Salford Royal, writes about her experience of providing peer support and why she thinks it is a great idea.

    I was a happily married w […]

  • Take on the takeaways
    With World Kidney Day focusing on obesity, what better way to give it the thumbs up by making over some much loved takeaway meals. Creating versions that are hopefully healthier and […]

  • Hi All,

    It’s with great pleasure I am writing to remind everyone the UK Transplant Games 2017 are open for business with a deadline of Friday 12th May 2017 to apply. Here at Salford Royal we first started […]

  • Salford Royal’s renal team is introducing a Peer Support network so that patients with queries, looking for support or simply a conversation with someone with lived experience of CKD have access to a friendly […]

  • This is a guest blog for World Kidney Day from Pete Dreyer, the son of the much loved and missed Lindsay Upton.

    I’ve always been someone who lives in the moment, or at least in the near future. I suppose I c […]

    • Thanks Pete, Lindsay is much missed and I hope she is watching us trying to help others.

    • helenj replied 1 year ago

      Thank you for writing what must have been a heart wrenching blog. Although sadly I never had the chance to meet your mum, we chatted via social media. In many ways I could empthasise with her as I battled with an alcohol addiction before I was diagnosed with ESRD due to an auto immune disease. I hope she is at peace, and no longer suffering.

  • 100,000 Genomes Project

    With thanks to Jackie Evans, Mel Kershaw and Emma Wolfenden, a few words on signing up for the 100,000 Genomes project…
    I’ve taken part in several research studies over the years, t […]

  • “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” — George Bernard Shaw
    I’ve nev […]

  • I suppose it’s human nature when diagnosed with a serious chronic illness to compare one’s self to others. Often I see posts in various renal support groups of patients stating that they feel family, friends, and […]

  • I have heard in the last couple of years a lot about the Willow Trust, a charity for people aged between 16 and 40, and it got me thinking, what about us that are older?
    Well not long after I was told about a […]

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