Stephen Caddick

Stephen Caddick talks about his role as a MFT Governor

Let me introduce myself. My name is Stephen Caddick and I’ve been a committee member of the MRIKPA (previously NWRKPA) for 10 years plus. Recently I’ve become more involved with renal services as TREnDs is rolled out, which is something I’m very passionate about. For this reason I decided to put myself forward to become[…]

Christmas carols

Staff sing Christmas carols to renal patients

On Wednesday 20th December, doctors, nurses, support workers, health care assistants and dieticians all sang Christmas carols to renal patients. It brought smiles and Christmas cheer to patients who were on dialysis, patients on ward H3 and members of staff. It was also rewarding to the members of the choir. Veronica, who works in the[…]