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health info Search for specific information you need from a directory of links, videos and on-line resources.

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Join KIN today to connect to other young people, share and find the information you need.

Patient stories and experiences

health info Read patient experiences and help others by telling your own story on how to live well with chronic kidney disease particularly practical tips on how to overcome problems

Hope Kidney Patients Association (HKPA)

health info Find out how the HKPA could help you, or how you could help other patients. Join the HKPA today and sign up for a news.

Social and lifestyle

health info Search for good food recipes, tips and recommended holidays, working with dialysis, and financial tips

What you can do

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Self-care tips and advice on how to slow down the disease - sign up and connect to monitor your blood results

Talk to other patients or carers on-line

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Connect with others to find support, talk to other patients or carers, and ask questions or just chat, many people find this useful remember you are not on your own

Your local renal and other services

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Find information online about your local services, dialysis units, transplantation, out-patient clinics and staff, what professional services are available to support you




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